Full Time City Carrier, Donnie Gilbert was pre-sented with a certificate of ap-preciation for taking the lead on the local NALC Food Drive in Killeen TX.
Donnie spent nu-merous hours of his own time coordinating the distribution of the food drive sacks, materials to support the food drive, and coor-dinating drivers from our local food bank to pick up the over 32,000 pounds of food collected by our Carriers! In previous years, the City Carriers of Killeen have collected from 9-12k of food. Thanks to Donnie's com-mitment, the commitment of our local City Carriers, and the Food Drive Sacks, we more than tri-pled our collection with a
total of 32k collected!
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Pictured with Mr. Gilbert are PM Anthony Palomino and Dr. Ann Farris, director of the Killeen Food Care Center.