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Gerald and Ann Farris have been serving and leading at the Food Care Center for more than ten years. As their season for their service comes to an end, 2015, they want to count their blessings.
Each year the Food Care Center, in partnership with the chaplains at Fort Hood, prepare and distribute Christmas baskets of holiday food for soldiers and their families
On 10.20.2015, the One Spirit Exchange Club invited Dr. Ann Farris, Co-executive Director of the Food Care Center to speak regarding the FCC's work of providing groceries to approximately 2000 clients each week.
Century Link not only provides our telephone, internet, and fax connectivity, they also provide continuing and substantial support of our work.
Join us on Saturday, November 9th for our annual fundraising ride through Central Texas. Admission is a bag of non-perishables or a small cash donation. Contributions will begin 11/9 until we ride over and deliver them to the Food For Families Food Drive on November 22nd.
The collection sites on that day include both Walmarts, Sam’s, all three HEB’s, IGA on Rancier, and the Special Events Center on W.S. Young Drive.
Car & Bike Show - Nov 2nd - 10 AM to 4 PM
Buddy Barker, CenturyLink Lineperson, presents a check in the amount of $4,247.83 on behalf of Central Texas area CenturyLink employees to Gerald Farris, co-executive director of the Killeen Food Care Center.
Food Donation of Archduchy of Bisqaia of the Adiran Empire - Providing more than 4500 meals to Central Texas families
Full Time City Carrier, Donnie Gilbert was pre-sented with a certificate of ap-preciation for taking the lead on the local NALC Food Drive in Killeen TX.
Gerald Farris, Executive Director, Food Care Center, with two Joker Bikers presenting a check for $300, providing 2100 meals for people in Central Texas who are hungry.
The Food for Families food drive is our regional, annual food drive that gathers in almost 100,000 pounds of food for the Food Care Center and several other small food pantries to distribute during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. It is a really big deal with lots of moving parts.
Don and Suzie Fender and Robert Munger (Food Care Center volunteer).
Each year when our friend, Max, has a birthday party, he dedicates the occasion to the Food Care Center. That means that he asks his friends to bring canned goods for the Food Care Center rather than presents for him.
Each year HEB grocery stores throughout the state conduct a fundraising effort for food pantries entitled, Help End Hunger. It is one of the many ways that HEB makes a difference in communities and throughout the state.
Special Forces, Airborne, retirees, presents Ann and Gerald Farris with a $500 check.
The food drive and fundraiser at Dodge Country last Saturday, August 2nd, was a success. We gathered in more than 1000 pounds of donated food and $100 in cash. The Gold Wing motorcycle riders have additional cash for us and want to continue their efforts to raise both money and food for us, as the year unfolds. That is more than okay with us.