Gerald and Ann Farris have been serving and leading at the Food Care Center for more than ten years.  As their season for their service comes to an end, 2015, they want to count their blessings.  The structure of the facilities is sound; the finances of this non-profit ministry are adequate for the mission; the processes make sense. 

Each year Ann and Gerald have had the opportunity to provide groceries for more than 80,000 client visits, distributing more than 2 million pounds of food annually, with the work being fueled by volunteers.  The generosity and support of our community—individuals, churches, other non-profits, and local businesses—have funded this work. 

We stand together, in the gap, with families who are hungry.  The Food Care Center is safe and sound, resting securely in the hands of God. 

In 2016, Ken Adams will assume the role of serving and leading this place that has God’s heart.