The food drive and fundraiser at Dodge Country last Saturday, August 2nd,  was a success.  We gathered in more than 1000 pounds of donated food and $100 in cash.  The Gold Wing motorcycle riders have additional cash for us and want to continue their efforts to raise both money and food for us, as the year unfolds.  That is more than okay with us.

Dodge Country organized and hosted this event.  There were free food, balloons, an inflatable slide, and TWO live broadcasts.  Ann got to take a pretty long ride on a motor-trike, too!  Bonnie Kilpatrick has a huge talent for making this sort of event shine.  Matt has a huge talent for caring and for ensuring the success of the Food Care Center.  Dale and Carlene are the two who organized and led the bikers.    

All of these folks are amazingly good!