Intake Processing

    Interview and process all clients at the time they first arrive at the Center. This position requires an understanding of the computer system used to record clients' information and their service visits in a web based client information system. Also required is knowledge of the qualifications for service and other information included in clients' initial visit orientation.

Client Assistance

    In each of the three client service areas the volunteer will need to know on a daily basis what foods are available, and the quantity that will be issued based on the family size and the ages of the household members. These positions require that the volunteer obtain a food handler’s certificate from the county which must be renewed every two years.
Warehouse Staffing

    The assistance in the warehouse area includes unloading incoming vehicles and storing the foods received. If the load is presorted, usually from a food bank of commercial source, it is stored by type. If it is a mixed donation, it will be set aside for future sorting. When needed, the food will then be delivered to the assistance areas for distribution to the clients.

Other Skills

    Intake Processing and Client Assistance require good interpersonal skills, and a second language (Spanish) is useful. These are the two positions that require direct contact with the clients. These positions are usually filled with volunteers that have a regular commitment for service and are on a regular schedule for one or more days per week. Other volunteers and community service workers are normally assigned duties in the warehouse.